Siyata Mobile push-to-talk enters wireless marketplace


Push-to-talk wireless services are coming back, thanks to a company you may not have heard of yet. Siyata Mobile is a small company with big plans in the space. They have updated the PTT technology and there is both a business customer base that is screaming for this service and there is FirstNet being built out by AT&T. I think these are two slices of the pie they will focus on initially.

Siyata Mobile should introduce their PTT tablets, phones and services in the United States this year. They are already offering this in other countries. They use digital cellular networks instead of analog cellular or radio signals. They have the same capabilities as cellphones and smartphones, plus they offer PTT services as well.

With the push of a PTT button, you can talk with one employee or up to 250 others in your company or other companies that also use this technology. These commercial devices use GPS and navigation and should be popular among first responders as well.

FirstNet, the first responder network being developed by AT&T

In fact, FirstNet, which AT&T is building, is one great example of how Siyata Mobile should enter the U.S. marketplace. Remember the terrible communications chaos of 911 which left first responders out in the cold when what they really needed was the ability to quickly communicate?

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